Creative rescue pairs not-for-profit art institutions with animal rescue organizations

Teri Hauswirth and Susan Kay,

co-founders of Creative Rescue

Creative Rescue was born from the passion two women share for rescue animals. Our mission is to utilize non-profit arts organizations to create products, with the proceeds of their sales benefiting animal rescue groups. The Bay Area provides numerous non-kill shelters and rescue groups that make animal adoption easily accessible. While some are well funded, others operate on shoestring budgets and struggle month to month to sustain the animals in foster situations.

In the non-profit art world, there are many under-exposed art organizations doing impressive work, many making art available at very affordable prices. Most of these organizations serve a specific population, whose artists rely on the centers for support that a like-minded group can provide. It is the intention of Creative Rescue to broaden the audience for this artwork and raise the profile of these organizations through our projects.

Susan Kay & Teri Hauswirth founded Creative Rescue in 2011. Susan’s career in art consultancy and Teri’s in special education combined energies and launched Creative Rescue, where all proceeds go to no-kill shelters. Every year, 3.4 million pets are euthanized. Please consider adoption and remember, even full breed dogs have rescue organizations. Both Susan & Teri adopted shelter dogs.